Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's an Engrish Job Offer!

I just got this lovely piece of mildly amusing spam today....a job offer!


liar rio uuuu cobra
We have found your resume on Job web site, and would like to offer you vacancy in our company. If you interests, more detailed information you can receive on ours web site:
( please send us email for more information )
pup devil uphold 789
We look forward to your reply.
gawky 2345 lamb xrays
Thank you. Best regards, Miller & Morgans inc.

Let's start with the sucks!
Let's move on to that Do I have to tell you that it doesn't work?
Now I hilighted it to copy & paste to my blog your enjoyment, I made one last discovery...
Drag your mouse over the entire text in the while box and look carefully. :-P

Wtf kind of job are they offerring? I hope it's an English teacher, because they needs one...bad!

My guess is it's either a veterinary clinic or a side show at a circus. (liar cobras, pup devils, and gawking at lamb x-rays)

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