Friday, July 06, 2007


"DOS" stands for "Dummies over spending" and only does the "WANNABE GEEK TRIBE" still speak the language. The Wannabe Geeks lived in the Bus Region of Central Processing from the early 1900s. They are distinguished by a clicking sound made while communicating. Their diet consists mostly of mouse, for which webs are used to expedite capture. They can be found staring at a square object called a "Monitor" which projects images of fantasy into their brains. The "Monitor as we all know, defeated the "Merrimac" in what was to become the first of the submarine wars (but that's another story)...... (("Blimpie's won)).......

The ancient language of the DOS people is still in use today. In fact, the fact the modern language spoken by almost everyone "WINDOWS" is nothing more than a clever translator of this ancient DOS. Sorta like Italian is to Latin. While masses are no longer spoken in DOS, the obsessively faithful still can be seen to huddle over an alter known as the "keyboard" uttering the ancient chants to this very day. Words like "Format", "Edlin", and commands like "CD", "FDISK" and "DeBug" are extremely powerful juju believe me.

Books written about DOS are mostly the "works" of the prophet Gates. Although in English, these are indecipherable in their current format. One must take into account that the mind "snaps into psychosis when going from genius to multi-gazillionaire. For only through the eyes of a madman can one comprehend the "Command.Com- (ments)" of "Moses Gates"(as in "The Gates of Hell") which one must pass through in order to speak flatulent DOS.

The original copies of "THE BOOK OF DOS" may be found at Microsoft inc. otherwise known as the "TOWER of BABBLE".

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