Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For the Love of Poetry

Two construction workers were having lunch together.

Tyrone, a black man, complains to his buddy that his wife never wants sex any more.

Bob, a white man, tells him he just got some good stuff from his wife last night.

Tyrone asks, "What did you do to get your old lady to put out?"

Bob says, "Poetry, women love poetry."

Tyrone then asks, "Poetry? What did you say to her that got her hot and bothered?"

Bob says, "Here's the poem that got me in her pants last night:"

White woman, white woman
Pretty as a dove
Let's retire to bed
And make some sweet love."

Tyrone says, "Ok if that's all there is to it, I'll give it a try

The next day Tyrone shows up with a huge black eye like he'd been in a fight.

Bob asks, "Tyrone, what the hell happened to your eye?"

Tyrone says, "Guess my old lady is not so fond of poetry, I tried a
poem like yours and she decked me but good."

Bob says, "She smacked you over a poem! Tell me what you said."

Tyrone says:

"Black bitch, Black bitch
Bug-eyed like a frog
Get down on your knees
And I'll bone you like a dog."

Bob sighs, "I think you should try Hallmark."

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