Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Pickle Slicer

A man starts a new job in a pickle factory but after a week has to
visit the psychiatrist. "I've got to leave the pickle factory", he
said. "Every time I go there I have an inexplicable urge to put my
'pickle' in the pickle slicer!"

The psychiatrist tells him to relax and go back to work. After a week
he came back and said his urge had got worse. The psychiatrist calmed
him down and sent him back to work again. The next week he came back
looking really dejected and said "I finally did it. I put my 'pickle'
in the pickle slicer."

"What happened?" exclaimed the psychiatrist.

"The boss came in and caught me and I got fired."

"What about the pickle slicer?" asked the psychiatrist.

"Oh", said the man, "She got fired too."

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