Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Staying Awake

There are these two friends, Matt & Suzy. They both attend a
Christian academy. Suzy has a bad problem with falling asleep in
class. One day the nun decided to call on Suzy to answer some
questions. Well, the nun proceeded to ask her first question, "who is
the creator of the universe?" of course Suzy is fast asleep. But her
friend Matt, afraid she will get into trouble, takes a safety
pin and sticks Suzy in the bottom to wake her up. When he does, Suzy
bolts straight up and says, "God almighty!" The nun is just amazed
that Suzy has gotten this right. So she tries again. "Who is our
savior?" Well Suzy has already drifted off again so Matt sticks her
once more and Suzy jumps up to say, "Jesus Christ!" the nun is
flabbergasted that Suzy has gotten two right. The nun proceeds to ask
yet another question. "What did Eve say to Adam after the birth of
their 23rd child?" Matt again pokes the sleeping Suzy in the bottom
and she jerks up to say, "God Damn it, if you stick that thing in me
one more time I am going to break it off!"

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