Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bad dogs

There were two extremely unhappy dogs, a collie and a cocker spaniel, in a vets office.

"So what are you here for?", the collie said to the cocker spaniel.

"Oh, I'm here because my master's mad at me for pissing on the carpet, he's going to put me to sleep"

"Really?", said the collie, "My master's going to put me to sleep too, I keep crapping in his shoes".

The two dogs were hanging their heads and bemoaning their fate when a german shepherd is put in a cage next to them.

"What are you here for?" said the cocker spaniel.

"Well, my mistress was coming out of taking a shower, and bent over to pick up her towel, well, I just couldn't resist myself, so I mounted her.

"You did!" said the collie, " So, is she putting you to sleep too?"

"Oh no!" said the german shepherd" I'm just getting my nails trimmed".

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