Monday, July 05, 2004

The President & the Call Girl

One day about a month ago,

George Bush was looking for a call girl.

He found three such ladies in a local lounge -

a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

To the blonde he said,

"I am the President of the United States....

How much would it cost me to spend some time with you?

The blonde replied, "Two hundred dollars."

To the brunette he posed the same question,

and she replied, "One hundred dollars."

He then asked the redhead the same question.

The redhead replied, "Mr. President,

if you can raise my skirt as high as my taxes......

get my panties as low as my wages.......

get that thing of yours as hard as the times.....

keep it as high as the gas prices.....

keep me warmer than my apartment....


screw me in private as well as you do in public,

then believe me Mr. President,

it ain't gonna cost you a red cent."

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