Saturday, January 07, 2006

Limited Time Left

The middle-aged man was visibly shaken when his Doctor advised that he
had only 6 month's to live because of the terminal disease that was
detected during a recent physical check-up. The Doctor suggested that
he should get his "house in order", make sure his will was current and
ensure all final arrangements were in place for the funeral. He should
then make plans to enjoy what might be left of his life, to the

"What will you do for the last six months?" asked the Doctor.

His patient thought for a few minutes then replied, "I think I'll go
and live with my mother-in-law".

Surprised by the answer, the doctor asked, "Of all people, why in the
would you want to live with your mother-in-law?"

"Because it'll be the longest six months of my life."

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