Saturday, January 07, 2006

Three Nuns

Three nuns died and went to heaven. St. Peter met them at the gate
and told them that since they had been so very good in their past
lives, God was going to let them go back and be whoever they wanted to

The first nun was very flat-chested and she asked to be Dolly Parton.
Poof! She was Dolly!

The second nun was very shy, so she asked to be Hilary Clinton, and so
she was sent back as Hilary.

The last nun looked at St. Peter and asked to be Alice Kapipaleen.
Peter said that he was unfamiliar with that person, so he had to go
look the name up in his records. He came back a while later and told
the nun that there had never been anyone born by that name. The nun
reached into her purse and pulled out a newspaper clipping. "Maybe
this will help", she said. Peter read the article, laughed out loud
and said, "Sister, that was the Alaskan Pipeline that was laid by
50,000 men!"

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