Thursday, November 11, 2004

Class Poll

A teacher of an adult sex education class was taking a survey on the
regularity of sex for men. He kept noticing a little man in the back
jumping up and down at his seat and rubbing hands together. He
decided to just ignore him and go on with the survey.

"How many men have sex once a day?” he asked. A few raised their
hands while the little man in the back just clapped his.

"How about once a week?” A few more hands went up.

“How about once a month?” Most hands went up with this and there was
only the jittery man in the back who hadn't raised his hand yet.
Determined to get him in the survey the teacher said, "Every three
months? 6 months? Alright, how about once a year?” The little man
jumps up and starts dancing and singing "me – me."

The teacher shakes his head and says, "How can anyone who has sex only
once a year be so happy about it?”

The little man sings, "Tonight’s the night."

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