Monday, December 06, 2004

On Stage

The Queen and the Pope are on stage together at a huge charity event.
Obviously, they've both done this sort of thing many times before, so
to make it a little more interesting the Queen says to the Pope, "How
about a wager? I bet I can make every British person in this crowd go
wild with just one little wave of my hand."

The Pope agrees and the Queen waves her hand. Sure enough, the royal
wave elicits rapturous applause and cheering from all the Brits in the

The Pope, not wishing to be outdone by someone wearing a worse frock
and hat than him, says to the Queen, "That was impressive. How about
another wager? I bet I can make every Irish person in this crowd go
crazy with joy merely with a nod of my head. But it won't just last
for a minute. This joy will last for months and be talked about for

The Queen is skeptical. "One nod of your head? Show me."

So the Pope head-butts her.

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