Monday, December 06, 2004

Stuff Found on Bathroom Walls

1. Why are you reading this? The joke is in your hand.
2. Any weenie can piss on the floor. Be a hero and poop on the
3. The future is in your hands!
4. Some come here to sit and think. Some come here to s*** and tink.
But I come here to scratch my balls And read the junk that’s on the
5. Written at the very bottom of a bathroom door in very small
printing... I had to lean WAY forward to read it... It said: 'You are
now pooping at a 45 degree angle!'
6. This toilet paper is like John Wayne: it's tough, it's rough... and
it doesn't take crap from anyone.
7. Please do not throw cigarette buts in this urinal: it makes them
soggy and hard to light.
8. Sign on condom vending machine: 'My dad says these don't work.'

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